Shared Experience and Expertise to Build Comprehensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Setting up or expanding a top-quality addiction treatment program takes resources – time, money, effort, and expertise. The principals of Manifest Treatment Consulting, LLC understand this because they’ve done it all themselves – and have been extremely successful – for more than 26 years. Now, MTC is committed to take their tried-and-true success and create a set of community-based addiction treatment products and services that help other addiction professionals deliver top-quality, comprehensive outpatient services to untreated or undertreated patients with addictive disorders. MTC has developed a number of products and programs, all designed to save you time, effort, money as well as the inevitable mistakes that come with opening or expanding your own professional services including

Full-service Outpatient Systems

License MTC Operating Policies, Procedures, Systems

Two-Week Training Program at MTC Model Outpatient Treatment Center

Consulting and Advisory Services

Educational Video Programs

No matter which products or programs you decide best fit your needs and goals, you can be assured MTC will be here to support and advise you over the long-haul. Chances are any challenge you confront is one we’ve dealt with. And as MTC develops new systems, methods, training, or treatment offerings, those will also be made available to clients, helping you continue to evolve year over year.

Full Service Outpatient Systems™ (FSOS™)

Manifest Treatment Consulting, LLC offers clinical entrepreneurs who recognize the changing face of addiction treatment and wish to be a part of that change in their own community, a comprehensive set of resources to get up and running in the shortest possible time, with the least effort, at the lowest cost, with the fewest missteps. Some MTC clients have also applied FSOS™ when pursuing CARF accreditation.

 Immediate access to all of the policies, procedures, protocols, forms, and systems you’ll need to gain state certification for outpatient addiction treatment services.

 FSOS™ is based on providing a broad spectrum of treatment options so care can be competently and efficiently tailored to the patient’s current and future needs. FSOS™ will help you establish your own community-based program, from a day treatment through intensive outpatient programs, from family support to court facilitation services. Ultimately, FSOS™ is designed to employ and train staff to provide services to the community for treatment of substance use disorders and the plethora of related secondary and tertiary problems associated with them.

 Developed to align with the interests and priorities of insurance companies – the best possible individualized patient outcomes while avoiding the high costs of inpatient care.

While the concept behind FSOS™ is not a new idea, the amalgamation of a comprehensive set of established and emerging, evidence-based treatment approaches is an idea whose time has come. FSOS™ includes policies and procedures, strategies and systems, training and testing across a range of topics including:

  • Screening Approaches
  • Comprehensive Assessments
  • Professional Roles and Responsibilities
  • Variations of Clinical Treatment Settings
  • One-on-One Outpatient Care
  • Intensive Outpatient Care (3 hours a day – 3 to 5 days/week)
  • Partial Hospitalization or Day Treatment (6 hours a day – 5 days /week)
  • Ambulatory Detoxification
    • Safety Contracts with Family
    • Symptom Mitigation through Education, Medication, Nutrition
    • Monitoring Vital Signs
    • Medication Selection and Monitoring
  • Criminal Justice System Services
    • Family Court Evaluations
    • Expert Witness and Professional Consultation
  • Intervention Services
  • Comprehensive Family Services
  • Community Referral Networking
  • Coordination of Hospital-based Inpatient Care
  • Drug Testing for Individuals and Employers
  • Clinical Consultative Services
  • Evaluations for Employee Assistance Programs, SAP’s and DOT
  • Crisis Intervention
    • Debriefing and PTSD for Substance Abuse Related Sentinel Events

License to MTC Policies, Procedures, Systems

Manifest Treatment Consulting, LLC makes accessing its enormous repository of policies and procedures that have been refined over 26 years and have met state certification and CARF accreditation standards as simple as possible via annual licensing of content. The essentials required to manage an efficient business, deliver safe and effective patient care, provide a professional workplace, educate patients and their families, and integrate with the entire community are collected into comprehensive, up-to-date volumes that will become your roadmap to success. And as you think about managing the potential risks associated with healthcare in all settings for all disease states, these systems and policies are simply indispensable.

  • Administrative Policies and Procedures
  • Clinical Policies and Procedures
  • Human Resources Policies and Procedures
  • Ambulatory Detox Policies and Procedures
  • Court Evaluation Standards and Methodology
  • Patient and Family Educational Videos
  • Community Care Coordination Systems

One- or Two-Week Training Program at MTC Model Outpatient Treatment Center

MTC knows that there is no substitute for practical experience when it comes to delivery of patient care. Take advantage of an executive one or two-week practicum at the MTC model outpatient treatment center. Work directly with an experienced MTC mentor, making use of all of the practices and procedures perfected there. You’ll gain the confidence that only comes from having done something yourself and seeing it work.

Consulting, Advisory, and Executive Coaching Services

Manifest Treatment Consulting, LLC is totally dedicated to the geographic expansion of quality outpatient treatment, offering a broad spectrum of community-based alcohol and drug recovery systems. Beyond the FSOS™ we offer to start up or launch additional services, clients can also call on MTC for independent assessments, risk identification, performance improvement recommendations and executive decision support when needed.

Educational Videos

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