Manifest Treatment Consulting, LLC is an organization dedicated to the geographic expansion of quality outpatient addiction treatment services. Our strategy for meeting our mission is simple – we support other professionals who want to establish or expand their own outpatient programs by sharing our experience and resources with them.

Manifest Treatment Consulting, LLC was formed by a team of addiction treatment professionals who have spent more than 26 years working in growing community where we built a flexible, integrated system for ambulatory detox, partial hospitalization, medication assisted treatment, all levels of intensive outpatient recovery services, family integration and legal support programs.

Where MTC Programs Were Developed and Tested Hill_Logo 

Since 1986, Hill Alcohol & Drug Treatment has been helping people from Temecula, Murrieta, Riverside, and Orange County as well as throughout California overcome alcohol and drug addiction. It is a center for addiction treatment, offering a broad spectrum of alcohol and drug recovery for those addicted to substances and their families. The center has developed a reputation for care, commitment and professionalism in alcohol and drug treatment services.

  • Through twenty-six years, Hill has been surveyed by the California State Department of Alcohol and Drug programs without notice of a single deficiency.
  • CARFHill Alcohol & Drug Treatment was first accredited by CARF in 1998, and current CARF accreditation extends through 2016.


  • Working with United Healthcare Behavioral Health, Hill developed and implemented safety protocols for ambulatory detoxification for appropriate patients that have been proven safe and effective for more than 25 years. This resulted in Hill Alcohol & Drug Treatment receiving the OPTUM Award for Excellence from USBH for outstanding provision of services to patients.



Meet the Manifest Treatment Consulting Staff

Chief Executive Officer – Charles J. (Rocky) Hill, MS

Rocky is the founder of Manifest Treatment Consulting, LLC. His vision for replicating comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment services nationwide was formed during his long tenure as executive director of Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Temecula, California. He is “hands-on” with every new program start and provides ongoing support as clients implement and grow their programs. Mr Hill holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from La Sierra University and has been a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor for 19 years. He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Inland Valley Hospital and the Ranching Springs Hospital.

Chief Clinical Consultant – Deborah L Hill, APRN, Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency Nursing

Deb insures that clients are educated and thoroughly trained in the elements of outpatient treatment best practices and ambulatory detox safety protocols. Her knowledge transfer skills have been well established over 20 years, training every nursing class from Mt. San Jacinto College’s nursing degree program. Having worked in both psychiatric and substance abuse facilities, she has specific expertise in dual-diagnosis patients and the systems needed to simultaneously treat them.

Consultant, Administrative Systems and Operations

Erin Hill has a BS in Human Services Management and over the past six years has applied this discipline to every aspect of addiction care delivery services.  Operating systems and insurance company outreach programs are her particular areas of expertise in her role as consultant with MTC.  Clients will be trained and supported by Erin with systems and strategies for delivering care efficiently and optimizing professional collaborations, especially with third-party insurers.

Medical Consultants

John Harsany, MD, is a pioneer is the utilization of buprenorphine to treat opioid addiction and has received numerous awards for contributions to addiction medicine. He has served for 10 years as faculty for Reckitt-Benckiser, the company manufacturing Suboxone, educating peers in the appropriate use of medication for addiction treatment or pain management. His depth of experience in the safe and effective use of medications to treat addiction gives MTC clients access to management strategies for diverse diagnoses and conditions.

John Feeney, DO has been the Medical Director for Hill Recovery for twenty years. He has been an integral part of the evolution to outpatient care pioneered at that Hill center. One of Dr Feeney’s specific clinical contributions to MTC clients is that he is able to assist others in understanding the personal nature of recovery and how best to gain the trust of new patients in this changing environment.

Jerry Hizon, MD, supports MTC clients in improving their knowledge and skills in managing the musculoskeletal aspects of pain. As a physician for the San Diego Chargers for fifteen years, he has hands-on experience in the range of painful injuries that are often the genesis of patients’ addiction to opioids. Dr Hizon is board-certified in sports medicine and is also a certified buprenorphine provider.

Larry Boggeln, MD, brings a broad spectrum of expertise to MTC programs. He worked with the US Navy’s addiction treatment programs in their earliest days. Most recently he has been working with hospice and that experience has provided specific insight into the process of grieving. For many addicts in recovery, grief management is often a vital component of sustaining disease remission.