Manifest Treatment Consulting, LLC took 26 years of hands-on addiction treatment experience and built a system that is designed to transfer its expertise to those interested in providing the best-known, evidence-based treatment to those in their communities suffering from addictive disorders and manage the plethora of associated secondary and tertiary problems. Our treatment modality has not only withstood the test of time, but is has also become a model recognized by major insurers like United Healthcare, Magellan, Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Managed Health Network, Holman, Cigna and many more.

MTC’s Full Service Outpatient Systems™ (FSOS™) is an exhaustive collection of policies, procedures, educational materials and media, documentation forms, and administrative systems that provide instant access to everything needed to create new or expand existing services into comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment services.  All program components are “practice tested” to meet state certification requirements and to develop the clinical infrastructure to provide top-quality outpatient treatment programming.

Our system can prepare you to take advantage of the coming changes in the addiction treatment industry.  The numbers are irrefutable and make now the time to take advantage of the coming surge in patient need.

Patient Benefits of MTC’S Full Service Outpatient Systems™ (FSOS™)

  • Patients are more satisfied and comfortable, experience less dysphoria, as they progress seamlessly, from one level to another within one system, with caregivers they learn to trust over time.
  • Patients are allowed to create their recovery in the “real world”.  Patients exposed to conditioned cues while in treatment, are more able to de-condition those cues.
  • Patients can work, support their family, normalize their life and integrate their disease into their lives.  The family can be involved from the outset of the treatment process, allowing them to become a partner in the recovery process.
  • Patients are better able to create local recovery connections that will serve them over the long term.
  • Patients’ primary care and specialist physicians can collaborate with FSOS™ providers and coordinate care to enhance outcomes.
  • Patients can be humanely, affordably, effectively, and appropriately managed during detox over time, replacing arbitrary regimens with slowly titrated medications and use of family safety contracts.
  • Patients save money, avoid inpatient copays or out-of-pocket charges.

Manifest Treatment Consulting, LLC can bring all the elements necessary to create a full service outpatient system into your practice, clinic or community with minimal cost and effort.  Contact us now.

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